I was brought up by a father who was once a Victorian amateur champion boxer, who played under 19’s in the VFL, who was a ten pin bowling champion, was a long distance swimming champion…. And that’s just my father. My mother, however, wasn’t much of an athlete at all. However, she was one of the biggest supporters of sport that I have ever known.

With this in mind it is very easy to understand just how sports have dominated my life from my earliest memories. I have played, watched, scouted, front office assisted and written sports from the age of about six. I was always the bottom of my age group so for much of my childhood I struggled mightily against more physically advanced teammates and opponents. I felt the pain of loss after loss until I developed and found a sport that for whatever reason I was naturally gifted at, basketball.

Basketball was the sport that I’ve dedicated the majority of my life to when it comes to sports. But I love others and I have my favorite teams. I’m an avid Carlton fan (Dad played for North), I’m a Melbourne Storm membership holder and across the Pond I support the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Angels, New England Patriots (though I have a big soft spot for the Seattle Seahawks because a friend is a long time season ticket holder) and because a friend is connected to the Winnipeg Jets they’re my NHL team. In collegiate sports I am a fan of the Oregon Ducks.

I intend to blog regularly about sports as a way to increase my portfolio of sports related writings. Previously I have had articles published in some of the more significant sporting journals and websites beginning with the no longer existing On Hoops back in the 1990’s.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.


Wack it out!

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