The Assist – The John Stockton Effect

In a third year unit, PWP320 – Writing the Past, I was able to focus upon my childhood hero, John Stockton. I was going to write a scathing feature article on the negative effects of Michael Jordan’s professional career – of which I believe there to be many. However, I made the realization early in my piece that arguably without Jordan I would never have fallen in love with the greatest passer of all-time, John Stockton. Thus, the direction of my article changed direction and I instead put my energies into writing the best work that I could do on Stockton rather than waste it on Jordan, who still accomplished a lot of incredible things for professional sport (among what I can identify as negatives).

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Uncovering the Stereotype: Femininity in a Masculine World

This is the first essay that I wrote in HUM100 – Engaging in the Humanities. Essentially the course was a preparatory unit for University beginners and as such was a mandatory unit in my degrees. 

The sports world has traditionally been man’s domain. It has been argued that women’s role within this world is insignificant as the grace and softness of femininity is no match to the strength and physicality of masculinity. These masculine qualities have been demonstrated since the days of the Roman gladiators when women did not have a place in such spectacles. As such these stereotypes are antiquated and are in need of a radical overhaul. Modernity has born rise to highly talented female athletes including Indy Car driver Danica Patrick proving that it is not only possible for women to participate in sports but to ultimately prevail both on and off of the field.

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Thank You WWE, Sue Aitchison and John Cena Part II

WWE Champion John Cena presents the 2.6 millio...

WWE Champion John Cena presents the 2.6 millionth card received by ASY group A Million Thanks to Army 1st Lt. Shannon Terry as part of the WWE’s “Tribute to the Troops” tour of Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from Thank You WWE & My Random Act of Christmas I feel it necessary to once again thank this company as well as John Cena and Sue Aitchison.

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Thank You WWE & My Random Act of Christmas

Thank You WWE & the Random Act of Christmas

As I have previously posted I’ve been contributing to Reddit’s Random Acts of Christmas. I took particular interest in a 9 year old boy from outside Pittsburgh, PA. Why such an interest you may ask. Well, I clicked on the link that his mother had posted to his Christmas wish list on Amazon. There I found that we are both big fans of the WWE. He wanted something cost effective that represented his fandom of the WWE.

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