Ever since my mother introduced me to her Atari console when I was just three years old I’ve been an avid gamer. Although I have never owned a Nintendo console, until our recent purchase of a Wii U, I have owned almost everything else. This ranges from PC computers to a Commodore 64, the various Sega consoles and every Sony PlayStation that has been released. My next door neighbour growing up owned an Amiga and we would play on that for hours upon hours.

It is with this love of gaming that I need to dedicate a part my personal website to gaming. From the art of gaming, to the music, the technicalities of gaming through to the games themselves I will write and share with you my thoughts on the gaming industry.

Presently we own all three new generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Wii U) and I have amassed almost 1800 games on my two and a half-year old Steam account. I suppose that you could call me an avid gaming collector.

My favourite games of all-time would have to be World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls series, The Witcher series and many others. I will play anything of any genre and am particularly fascinated with the realism (or often lack thereof) of sports games.

Happy Gaming


Wack it out!

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