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It’s Certified….. Steam is COMING

It’s Certified… STEAM is COMING!



This is an assignment that I completed for PWP220 – Writing, Deception and Authenticity. It was the first unit that I received a HD overall in and much of it was thanks to this work. Therefore this was one of my more memorable assignments over the two degrees that I have completed.

Essay Statement


What constitutes defamation is entirely dependent on the sensitivities of a particular type of person. Writers and publishers should not have to modify publications in order to accommodate these sensitivities.

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Curation: The Solution to Filter Failure

This was an assignment submitted for WEB309 – Web Production. This was certainly one of the more enjoyable units that I completed.

The Internet, renown for being the so called Information Superhighway and host of the World Wide Web is suffering from a major system failure. The Web is unable to organize the massive amounts of data that are uploaded to it every day. Internet search engines such as Google are now proving to be inadequate to the needs of its users. The time has come for Internet users to step away from their reliance on aggregation devices and to play their part in the curation of the Web. This essay first defines information ecologies in order to analyze the depth of the ecological problem before taking an exploratory analysis of the different ways Web users can perform identity announcement and create expansive Web presences. Finally, this essay defines online curation and arguing three roles, quality control, audience visualization and personal branding that can go some way to solving filter failure.

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Social Theories of Technology – Actor-Network Theory vs. Social Construction of Technology

This is my major work for NET303, the follow up assignment to the essay that I posted yesterday. I wasn’t entirely happy with the assignment as I felt that I couldn’t get an expert view on either specific topic. However, I received a fantastic mark. It goes to show that the more you study and the more you put the work in the greater the result will be.

Actor-Network Theory and the theory of Social Construction of Technology are two important theories that theorize the relationship between technology and society. This essay explores both theories by first explaining individually what the theories are how they individually theorize the relationship between technology and society, identifying and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both before contrasting the two theories against one another by identifying what similarities they share and what differences they have.

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Three Components Facilitating Effective Online Collaboration and Organization

The following essay was submitted for NET308 – Internet and Collaboration

The purpose of this essay is to argue what facilitates effective online collaboration and organization. This essay first argues that it is absolutely imperative to move away from the now heavily outdated institutional model that served so well in the past but is neither relevant nor serviceable to online collaboration and organization. The essay then argues that the first component of effective online collaboration and organization is the concept of the organizational approach in which this essay analyses the works of Shirky and Blau with a prime example of the significance of this concept coming in the form of Wikipedia. The second component that this essay argues for is the concept of electronic networks of practice and the motivations of their members in which this essay continues detailing the concepts of Blau and incorporating the works of Wasko with Bit Torrent serving as a leading example. Finally, this essay argues that the concepts of the interaction between the digital and material world and hypermobility as explained by Sassen are a third component vital to effective online collaboration and organization with collaboration and disaster management serving as an example to these concepts.

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