Thank You WWE, Sue Aitchison and John Cena Part II

WWE Champion John Cena presents the 2.6 millio...

WWE Champion John Cena presents the 2.6 millionth card received by ASY group A Million Thanks to Army 1st Lt. Shannon Terry as part of the WWE’s “Tribute to the Troops” tour of Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from Thank You WWE & My Random Act of Christmas I feel it necessary to once again thank this company as well as John Cena and Sue Aitchison.

In the form of a Facebook message, I received from my giftee

“So I came home tonight to a box from the wwe that had a t shirt, hat, wrist bands and a SIGNED John Cena poster! This is beyond exciting!!! I can’t wait for (Son) to open this Christmas morning!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!”

As I stated in the post, I had been advised that the WWE would attempt to send a package to my giftee’s son. Well, they came through in spades and delivered much more than I could possibly have hoped for him. I also received word that tickets to a WWE show are in the mail on the way to the family.

This truly is becoming a mind blowing experience. Far too much criticism is leveled against the WWE the very second something that could be perceived as negative is revealed to somebody within the news media. You have pro wrestling news and rumors websites who are more than quick to slander the company or its superstars. However, they are very slow to acknowledge the absolutely wonderful things that they do for people .When I started communicating with the WWE in relation to this child they had no idea that I was going to blog about it. They quite probably did not even realize that I had a blog. Thus, I can honestly say that they are NOT doing this for a bit of publicity from a blog that had only thousands (not millions) of hits prior to my blogging return over the past month.

Truly from the bottom of my heart, WWE,  Sue Aitchison (the community relations director of the WWE) and John Cena, it simply goes beyond words how thankful I (and we) are of you and your organization.


About Warwick Janetzki

Warwick was born in was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in Brisbane. Warwick holds degrees in Internet Communications as well as Professional Writing & Publishing. He is continuing his study with a marketing degree and is also studying leadership. When not playing video games Warwick is a passionate sports fan.

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