Thank You WWE & My Random Act of Christmas

Thank You WWE & the Random Act of Christmas

As I have previously posted I’ve been contributing to Reddit’s Random Acts of Christmas. I took particular interest in a 9 year old boy from outside Pittsburgh, PA. Why such an interest you may ask. Well, I clicked on the link that his mother had posted to his Christmas wish list on Amazon. There I found that we are both big fans of the WWE. He wanted something cost effective that represented his fandom of the WWE.

However, I personally felt that we could do him a little better than his wish list (a colouring book). I contacted his mother and asked who his favourite WWE superstar was. She responded that his favourite was John Cena. This is why I posted the Dear John letter in my previous blog entry. I rep

English: John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion

English: John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

lied and asked if he would enjoy receiving a Cena t-shirt for Christmas to which her response was that he would love it as he had only ever had a “hand me down” WWE shirt of the Undertaker. I then asked her for her address so that I could send him a shirt and decided that I was going to do it for him. has been having Christmas sales over the past week or so. On Monday (my Tuesday afternoon), following WWE RAW (which I usually always watch on a live stream as well as when our local cable television shows it the following day) I checked out the shop and found that they had a healthy thirty per cent off t-shirts. Instead of purchasing just one T-Shirt I purchased two. The first one is the current shirt that Cena has worn since his return from an elbow injury that sidelined him for months which says “Even Stronger” and the second one is his navy ten year anniversary t-shirt that has “Never Give Up” written on it.

Following the sending of the shirts I sent the mother a note advising her that two WWE shirts were headed her way and to keep an eye out for them in the mail. I also shared with her the reason why I felt so compelled to help this boy have a memorable Christmas. When I had to provide around the clock care for my mother from the ages of 18 to a week before my 22nd birthday the one outlet that we had that truly was a reality escape from the realities of her disease racked body was the WWE. We watched every week without fail. Without the WWE I would not have survived this period in my life and when others ask me how I do my constant reply is the WWE.

However, it was not until today that I received a thank you message from his mother notifying me that the t-shirts had been received that I truly understood how special this was. I want to share that with you as it is an important component of what follows. However, I have taken the duty to edit and to remove names that could possibly be utilized in a wrongful manner

The shirts arrived yesterday and are just perfect! (Son) will be so excited when he opens them on Christmas morning.

WWE has played a big part in (son’s) life as well. This year has been incredibly tough on our family. (Son’s) dad physically abused him and in (month), (son) (who is 9) will have to testify against him in court. So the saying on the shirts [“Even Stronger” and “Never Give Up”] have so much meaning to us, I constantly am reminding (son) how strong he is for handling all of these things that a child his age should not have to deal with. I plan on having (son) wear the white shirt under his dress shirt when he testifies, as a reminder of just how strong he is.

I can not thank you enough for all you have done for our family. I hope that you both have a very blessed Christmas and New Year. (Mom)

I was genuinely touched by this message. So much so that I personally contacted the WWE to share with them what I had done and that I wished to do more, to find out if son could visit with a WWE superstar (John Cena, preferably, but any of the guys in the company would give this boy an experience of a lifetime and a show of what a real man is).

Sue from the WWE replied to me within an hour notifying me that tickets to a Pittsburgh show (the next show in Pittsburgh that the WWE has is the Royal Rumble) will be either sent to the family or will be left at will call for pick up on the day of the show. That organising a visit with a superstar may be impossible but they too would like to help the boy have a great Christmas and may organise even more items to be sent to him.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the WWE for being an incredible company and for helping out this young man. Too many people trash the WWE without pausing to consider what good (and there is a lot of it) they do for society. In this case, they will have made someone’s Christmas one of the most special that they will ever experience.


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